Wednesday, 14 August 2013

Hello again

Let's all just admit I'm shit at blogging continuously and move on shall we? No need to dwell on the month(ish) that's passed since my last post...

So, how's my sleeve going? I hear you ask. That's very kind of you, I'm glad you're interested in my well being. Friends like you are hard to come by these days!

The sleeve is going well. I'm slowly adjusting to it and there have been a few issues, but nothing major. Mainly the fact that I'm a bit of a slow learner and keep doing stupid things. Like getting distracted while eating so I forget to chew enough. Trying to hurry and eating too quickly. Drinking whilst eating. All of these things = a trip to Porcelainville in the county of Barfalot. Or if you you don't make it there in time it can also result in a trip to Looklikeaskank at Letsvomitintoarubbishbin.

Don't forget your passport, the last place is a bit foreign...

Dr D says that the vomiting is quite normal since my tummy is still healing but it should clear up in a month or so. He also thinks that as slow a learner as I am, I should get up to speed soon and won't have to think so much about what I'm doing. I'll just start to stop before I go all Regan on everyone's arses. Speaking of the divine Dr D, I've just gone to see him. He'd told me the previous time that if I could lose 4kg by this next visit he would be very happy and might even smile *gasp*. Well I was positive that I would stand on those dreaded scales and would turn to find a Scottish grimace of disappointment instead. I had stalled, I was eating shite, small quantities granted but still nothing of any nutritional value, I wasn't getting my protein and I wasn't drinking enough water. He may have removed most of my stomach but he left my brain in and it seems to be that bastard traitor causing most of my issues.

Digressing aside, I ended up with a smile as I had lost the 4kg :) I'm down to 93.5kg which all up is a loss of 14.6kg. Gotta be happy with that! The feeling of dread leading up to that appointment got my sorry arse motivated and I've started back on two opti shakes a day (getting the nutrition I need knowing I won't barf them back up), I'm making a real effort to drink at least 1200mls of water a day, though if I can do 1800ml that's even better, plus I've started some light exercise.I've been swimming/drowning/floundering a couple of times, gone for a couple of walks and tomorrow night I'm doing a Zumba class with some girls from work. I had a bad weekend mentally last week but I'm starting to feel really positive now. I'm going on a girly holiday with my sister to Singapore in 11 weeks time. I'm going to push to lose 8kg by then, if I can be 85 by the time I go, I would be stoked. Dr D says I should aim for half a kilo a week so if I could lose 6kg, I'd be happy. But 8kg would see me over the moon.

What's that? You'll be my cheer squad? Honestly, you're too good to me ;-) I'll keep you posted on my progress x