Sunday, 16 June 2013

Bye bye fluid

Yesterday morning marked one week on opti and time to do my 'first' weigh in. Of course, like most people who are serial dieters, I'm also a serial weigher and jump on the scales every bloody morning. Not healthy I know but I've given up food and caffeine, don't take this away from me too!

So last week I weighed in at 108.1kg and after 7 days on the VLCD  my scales were reading 103.3kg.
Now, let's be realistic shall we? A loss of 4.8kgs in a week is pretty much unheard of and far exceeds the recommended 'safe' loss of 1-2kg a week that most dieticians and doctors preach. And you know what? I haven't lost 4.8kgs of fat. The majority of that change on the scales is my body getting rid of all the excess fluid it's been holding onto. To be sure, I was obviously holding the equivalent of Mundaring Weir and I'm glad to have shed it but what I lose in the following week I'll know is actual yucky fat.

The past two days I've started getting that gross taste in my mouth that signals my body has gone into Ketosis which means it's no longer using carbs as an energy source but is now burning the ample supply of fat I have. I'm quite aware that the scales won't drop as dramatically as they did the first week and if I can get to 102kg by my scales by the time I have my surgery, I will be stoked. I'd love to think that maybe I could crack the infamous 100kg mark before then but I really feel like that would be an unrealistic goal and then I'd just be crushed when I didn't make it.

I can't believe how quickly the time is going, in 10 days exactly I'll be on the operating table. I'm getting so excited and am really looking forward to being on the sleeved side. 10 days and my life begins again!


  1. I am in ketosis too! We are comrades across the globe with stinky breath!