Sunday, 2 June 2013

T minus 24 days and counting

Yesterday I went and had my pre-op blood tests done. I almost choked when the nice lady pulled out 10 vials ready to be filled. Ten! That's a shit load of blood! Perhaps Doctor Dolan is secretly a vampire?

It was a very interesting procedure. After assuring the lady I wouldn't faint I watched her take all the blood and then mark one to be frozen and then wrap one in foil. They're testing my vitamin and mineral levels and apparently some of the tests require quite specific instructions. I also had to fast for 12 hours prior so they could check my cholesterol levels and I also had to fill out a thyroid questionnaire. The lady called it 'The Doctor Dolan special'. Apparently quite a few of us from his fan club frequent this pathologist.

The results should be back in time for my dietician appointment Tuesday week. That way if any of my levels are low we can start to correct that before the operation.

This weekend is my last weekend of 'freedom'. In order to shrink the liver to give the surgeon the best possible access to the stomach, most people have to follow a very low calorie shake diet for a certain period of time before the op. Even though I won't have to start the opti shakes until I see the dietician, I'm going to get a head start with them and commence next Saturday. The weekend before my op I'm going out for dinner with my old workmates and want to be able to have a proper meal with them so I figure if I start a few days earlier that will make up for the lapse.
I haven't been going as crazy as I thought I would this weekend, but perhaps that's because I got my operation date so long ago that my 'food funeral' has been dragging on for months. I did tell my hubby that we're going to have pizza at some stage over the WA Day long weekend but other than snacking on a bit of chocolate, I haven't been stuffing my face like I thought I would.

Next Saturday morning I'll do my first weigh in of this journey, take measurements and also pre-op photos. And then I'll be on my way to the sleeved side! Can't wait!

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